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Cosmic Challenges: Saturn in Astrology Pt. 2

Cosmic Challenges: Saturn in Astrology Pt. 2

Life is rarely as fulfilling without some mountains to climb and rivers to cross. Our Saturn placements in astrology want nothing but the best for us, but they also know that this can take intention, reflection, and some hard work. Check out the Saturn placement meanings for the second half of the zodiac. Leaning into these lessons might encourage you to improve yourself to create a more bright and more fulfilling life!

Saturn in Libra

All is fair in love and Libra. Libras are notorious for being charming and fair-minded; however, this can lead to a few issues. Saturn wants to give you the ultimate challenge: commitment in your decisions. No more teetering back and forth over this and that. Sometimes, some of life's most freeing decisions involve a little bit of choice, faith, and risk.

Saturn in Scorpio

Don't be afraid of the Scorpio, even though they are some of the zodiac's most deeply mysterious energies. We can access our most valuable and necessary lessons within the depths of life. A Saturn in Scorpio will challenge you to dig deeper to uncover some of the most exciting secrets about yourself.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Where would any of us be without a little bit of Sagittarius energy? The trailblazers of the zodiac, Sagittarius' rarely back down from a challenge and consistently rewrite the “norm.” A Saturn in Sagittarius is daring you to step away from the pack and view your life from new and exciting heights—even if it scares you a little bit.

Saturn in Capricorn

The Capricorn might be called the “boss” of the zodiac. Particularly capable, hardworking, and ambitious, the Capricorn seems to do it all. If your Saturn is in Capricorn, you may feel the burden of responsibility more than others. Saturn wants you to release yourself from these pressures where and when you can—double-check your standards to readjust if they are too high or demanding.

Saturn in Aquarius

Aquarius energy is free-thinking and humanitarian. Aquarians believe in equality and move around the world in ways that better the people and the world around them. With a Saturn in Aquarius, you will be presented with opportunities to shed parts of yourself to think more about the whole, and in this, you will begin to see the extent of your power.

Saturn in Pisces

Pisces is the most emotional and creative of all the signs in the zodiac. With a Saturn placement here, you may feel stifled in both areas to the detriment of your goals and dreams. Learn to lean into lessons around vulnerability and emotional support; they are needed to build up yourself and your communities. Feelings are meant to be honored, felt, and released!

Through work, we gain reward. A Saturn placement urges us to push the boundaries within ourselves to open up to life-changing possibilities. When life gets hard, remember that we must rise to the challenge to unlock a version of ourselves and a future that surprises us.

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