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Cosmic Challenges: Saturn in Astrology Pt. 1

Cosmic Challenges: Saturn in Astrology Pt. 1

One of our most critical planetary guides and teachers is the almighty Saturn. In astrology, our Saturn placements teach us how to improve our lives through cosmic lessons and challenges—this can sound somewhat difficult; however, all it takes is a little reflection and understanding. Saturn placements are all about how we limit ourselves with specific structures, responsibilities, and karma. Knowing exactly how to interpret our signs can lead to necessary growth and freedom from these roadblocks. So, what is your Saturn trying to teach you?

Saturn in Aries

Aries is the ultimate sign of individuality, so when Saturn is placed here, its lessons revolve around your fear of losing your identity. With a Saturn in Aries, you will want to check in with your boundaries, how much energy you give to those around you, and how to trust your gut instincts so you don't compromise your values.

Saturn in Taurus

With a Saturn in Taurus, your material and self-worth are almost intertwined. The lessons Saturn will present to you want to empower you to make decisions that will validate your being in multiple areas in your life. Remember that your position in life involves material things but is also about how you feel about yourself.

Saturn in Gemini

Gemini knows how to communicate, so if your Saturn is in Gemini, you may feel particularly silenced or generally nervous around expressing yourself with others. Take the advice from Saturn and learn how important it is to communicate your needs, wants, and desires with those around you to get where you need to go and become who you need to be.

Saturn in Cancer

Cancer is known for nurturing, safe, and calming energy in the zodiac. If your Saturn is placed here, you might feel you lack this energy in parts of your life and with others. A lesson from Saturn may encourage you to tune into your mothering and emotional side—this can start with a bit of self-care and then spread to those around you. You get what you give!

Saturn in Leo

Leos are always the life of the party. Being a confident leader, a Leo is rarely overlooked. If your Saturn has a Leo placement, you may need to step up your game to achieve specific goals and fulfillment. Tune into your life energy and let it roam free. Surprise yourself with how you can catch the attention of everyone in the room to remind yourself of your power.

Saturn in Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists—organized and grounded in both spiritual and material realms. If you have a Virgo placement in Saturn, you are probably struggling with how to focus and control your life most efficiently. Possibly overworked without the desired results, Saturn wants to remind you that you should also learn how to let go to achieve what you want.

There you have it — stay tuned for the second half of the zodiac to discover what lessons Saturn has in store for you!

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