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Chiron: Our Deepest Spiritual Wounds

Chiron: Our Deepest Spiritual Wounds

Our astrological signs and natal charts offer valuable insight into our personalities, wants, needs, and compatibilities. These insights help us to navigate difficult life decisions and interpret our toughest emotions. With the astrological Chiron, our most profound spiritual wounds and how we can address these wounds is revealed. Have you ever felt plagued by an affliction that never seemed to go away? Do you find yourself succumbing to the same doubts, fears, or anxieties? Your astrological Chiron might offer the wisdom you need to address these ancient wounds so you can do your part in healing yourself and the world.

Who and What is Chiron?

Chiron is the name of a comet that has a mysteriously unpredictable path. Relating to our natal charts, the astrological Chiron is symbolized by the ‘Wounded Healer”. The location of Chiron at the time of your birth determines what sign it falls under, just like other aspects of our zodiac. In Greek mythology, Chiron is a centaur credited for the discovery of botany. Unlike common depictions of centaurs in Greek mythology, Chiron was not over-indulgent and lusty, but rather civilized and intelligent. Ironically, the great-healer Chiron gave up his immortality after suffering wounds in an epic battle that he could not heal. His sacrifice gave humanity the ability to create fire.

What does Chiron Mean in Astrology?

Chiron is one of the four asteroids that are represented in your natal chart along with Ceres, Juno, and Pallas Athena. These asteroids give us a more complex and detailed look into our personalities that can be overlooked in other areas of your chart. Just like your ascendant, moon, and rising signs represent different spheres in your life such as your inner mood and your outer impression on the world; your Chiron emphasizes the things in life that have always felt most difficult to overcome. Yes, your Chiron identifies your most deep-seeded insecurities, vulnerabilities, and fears, but it also determines your strongest spiritual strengths and gives clues to how you can address the affliction. With knowledge of your strengths alongside your weaknesses, you can begin the healing work that you need to do.

Afflictions of Chiron in the Signs

Aries: Chiron in Aries is all about presentation of self in relation to others, and the management of self-confidence and ego.

Taurus: Chiron in Taurus involves the work of investigating your possessiveness, especially with wealth and material possessions.

Gemini: Chiron in Gemini revolves around communication in all sorts of relationships in your life, and becoming more logical in how you express yourself in your relationships.

Cancer: Chiron in Cancer is rooted in your relationship to home. This may mean you need to cultivate more of a home in your life or explore territory outside of it to grow.

Leo: Chiron in Leo addresses your relationship to joy—whether it be to let go to enjoy yourself, or step back so you don’t overindulge.

Virgo: Chiron in Virgo is all about how you deal with your work and service to others. Keeping this in a healthy balance is the main point of focus.

Libra: Chiron in Libra gives work in how you deal with comfort and harmony in your life and assigning them proper roles.

Scorpio: Chiron in Scorpio is rooted in how you express (or not express) your subconscious mind to better understand yourself.

Sagittarius: Chiron in Sagittarius addresses the problems and stresses that arise from your high standards.

Capricorn: Much like a Sun sign in Capricorn, this Chiron empathizes the need to prove our worth and place in society. This often results in a workaholic attitude—gifts of resourcefulness help to counteract this energy.

Aquarius: Chiron in Aquarius deals with how we interact with friends, discoveries or new information, and unique ideas.

Pisces: Chiron in Pisces gives you work in how to cultivate spirituality and the achievement of nirvana in your life.

Even though your Chiron is reoccurring throughout your life, it comes with the very positive affirmation that you contain what is needed to overcome and survive your deepest sufferings—given you are up for the task of evaluating what is most difficult to swallow about your personality.

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