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Best Birthstones for September Birthdays

Best Birthstones for September Birthdays

Are you or a special someone celebrating a birthday in September? Do you want to make this year's event a real gem? Elevate the experience by learning how to harness the unique power held in one or more of September's three birthstones, sapphire, chrysolite, and agate.

Since both Virgos and Libras are born in September, a wide range of personalities can benefit from these particular stones. Find out which one is best for you or your loved one with these facts about the history, appearance, and spiritual meaning of the stones for these Astrological signs.


Arguably the most brilliant, desirable, and expensive September birthstone is the sapphire. With shimmering blue hues beyond compare, this precious gem is primarily aluminum oxide, which creates the depth of color. As a hard crystalline stone, it can be cut similar to a diamond making it gleam.

Naturally occurring, these rare stones can take millions of years to form in the earth. Revered by ancient cultures for its divine beauty, the name sapphire comes from Greek, but they were not the only ones to covet this gem. While clergy wore sapphires in the Middle Ages to connect to God, today, holistic healers value this gem's ability to open gateways for telepathic communication and lucid dreaming.


The hidden gem of September birthstones, chrysolite lesser-known but equally as important as these other two more showy stones. Also known as peridot, chrysolite's long history of being associated with September birthdays started in the 15th century.

Expert jewelers recognize the pale green olivine varieties as the most gem-quality of the colors, with others being brown or mustard hued. However, crystal enthusiasts are more concerned with the strength, fortuitous circumstances, and good luck peridot may provide.


Agates are either banded, striped, or riband based on their visual appearance and their microcrystalline quartz composition. Like a fingerprint or snowflake, no two agate formations are alike.

Agates are semi-precious stones that naturally occur in a rainbow array of colors such as yellow, blue, green, red, black, and brown. Formed inside igneous rocks in fresh groundwater, the results are intricately striated geodes that rival any precious, more pricey, stone in beauty.

Carved by ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Grecians, Tibetans, Chinese, Babylonians, and Mesopotamians into sacred objects, sculptures, and beads, agate did and still does hold great cultural and spiritual significance. Modern-day uses include art, home decor, jewelry, and New Age healing.

If you are searching for means to bring a sense of calm or dampen agitation, agate is an ideal choice. Why? Agate's metaphysical properties include internal cleansing, decreasing anger, and increasing positivity.

To summarize, help for people with September birthdays is just a stone's throw away with three superb birthstone options, each of which offers their distinctive looks and forms of spiritual assistance. This year, use sapphire, chrysolite, and agate as inspiration for your birthday gifts to others or yourself!

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