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Ascendant Sign Characteristics: Part One

Ascendant Sign Characteristics: Part One

Our “sign” is not just a one-sided affair anymore. Several signs come together in our astrological chart to explain how and why we are the way that we are. In terms of our most immediate star signs, we all have a sun, moon, and ascendant (or rising) that give a direct snapshot to several facets of our personalities.

As a recap, our star sign is the sign which guides us through the lessons in life—it is the center of our personality, much like the sun is the center of our galaxy. Our moon sign is slightly more private. A person’s moon sign dictates how they see themselves and the world around them inside of themselves—in other words; the moon is an insight into our emotional selves. What, then, does our ascendant or rising sign dictate?

Our ascendant signs reflect our surface-level personalities, but this doesn’t mean it’s a surface-level characteristic! First impressions are important when people get to know who we are. So, what does your ascendant sign say about how other people see you? Find out below!

Ascendant in Aries

Those with an Aries rising are very direct and quick-to-action. On the outside, they are highly competitive and are not very patient with those that carry a slower pace. Aries is the most self-reliant sign in the zodiac, so those with Aries in their placements are highly independent people. Those with an Aries ascendant are often physically strong with an athletic build.

Ascendant in Taurus

Taurus ascendants are very loving and affectionate people. They do tend to overindulge in the pleasures of life. Ascendant in Taurus means an easy-going personality, but they will become highly stubborn if pushed to any extremes. Physically, those with Taurus in their chart are likely to gain weight quickly due to their indulgent qualities. If their cravings are in check, Taurus people have stable, healthy bodies with broad shoulders.

Ascendant in Gemini

Those with a Gemini rising tend to have a very alert disposition. The Gemini ascendant values communication above all else, which can make them quite energetic and chatty. These people are highly curious and take up a variety of hobbies; however, they very rarely become an expert. With a surplus of energy, Gemini ascendants are usually slender people with animated body language.

Ascendant in Cancer

Upon first impressions, those with a Cancer rising are quite subdued people. Cancers are ruled by their emotions and form long-lasting bonds with friends and family. Cancer ascendants find safety and comfort in the home, so getting them out of their comfort-zone can present a minor challenge. Those with a Cancer rising tend to have round, moonlike facial features.

Ascendant in Leo

When you meet someone with a Leo rising, you’ll know right away! Confident, bright, and often loud, the Leo rising is always the life of the party. Sometimes criticized for being a selfish sign, Leo’s are also quite generous and good at being authority figures or leaders within larger groups. Physically, the Leo rising tends to have a full head of hair like that of a lion.

Ascendant in Virgo

Those with a Virgo rising can come off as modest and somewhat nit-picky. Virgo’s are notorious for being perfectionists, and this is not just external—they can also be very hard on themselves. Highly dependable, Virgo ascendants can make excellent friends. The Virgo rising can have an excess of energy and have frantic physical movements. They do take great care of themselves, however, and are well-groomed.

What does your ascendant sign say about how those around you view you? Is your rising sign not on this list? Be sure to check out Ascendant Sign Characteristics: Part Two!

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