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2022 Love Horoscopes Pt. 2

2022 Love Horoscopes Pt. 2

There is no escaping the magnetic pull of the universe—read on to find out what the planets and stars have in store for your love life this new year. Who knows, this might be the year you’ve been waiting for!


It isn’t hard for people to fall in love with you, Libra, and there may have been some follies in your most recent relationships due to one thing or another. 2022, however, shows promising new opportunities. Be sure to pay attention to numerous potential mates. Remember, no one is off-limits, and this year will teach you to open your eyes to those who may have been there all along.


Buckle up, Scorpio. There are a lot of influences at play this year. It might feel like you are torn in two opposite directions, and as a result, you’ll most likely have to make some pretty big decisions in your love life. On one end, you will be guided to solidify a pre-existing connection, but freedom-loving influences will have you questioning which relationships might be long past repair.


Love is the theme of the year in 2022, Sagittarius. Influences at play will provide you with a good match that has long-lasting potential. This opportunity does not come without a price. Be sure to pay attention to the challenges alongside the joys of a new flame. You have some soul searching to do to figure out how to maintain your freedom in relationships. This lesson will carry on for years to come.


A lot is happening internally this year, Capricorn. 2022 will have you caught between passion and devotion. Love will be a somewhat confusing learning ground for you. This journey will not be known to you alone, and those around you will catch wind of the battles you are fighting. Be kind, reflective, and intentional.


This is your year for love, Aquarius! Trust the stars; everything is meant to be idyllic. There is potential for a love-at-first-sight scenario, as well as chances of forging new and unexpected connections. Do the work to ease your insecurities—this is an excellent year to let go and dig into the possibilities.


The tale of two halves—this year offers some ups and downs for you, Pisces. The first half of 2022 will provide you with many satisfactions in the love realm; however, this will shift dramatically. The second half will bring strong waves of nostalgia and sentimentality. Remember, some things are better left to the past—you will be challenged to know what should stay there.

Single hearts, exciting love connections, or some much needed “you” time? Listen closely to the influences that might seem far off in the distance but knows best.

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