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2022 Love Horoscopes Pt. 1

2022 Love Horoscopes Pt. 1

Out with the old, in with the new? Stoking a new flame? Letting an old flame die? A long-term friend turned lover? There are infinite possibilities in love. What is in store for your astrological sign in the new year? Read on to find out what the stars have to say!


Aries, you are determined and always on-the-go—2022 might be a lesson in priorities. Your love life will not be the core focus in the new year, and instead, your personal goals will take shape and center stage. Do not fear; this year will not be entirely without any romance. 2022 will offer some hard but necessary lessons in the way you approach love. You will make many strides in shredding long held and outdated beliefs that are currently holding you back.


Taurus, you tend to stick to the comfort of the familiar in many aspects of your life. However, there are some influences at work in 2022 that suggest you are craving freedom and variety in your love life specifically. Don’t get carried away with this wild streak, Taurus, and make sure you avoid making any changes that threaten your foundation. Have fun with the new but remember to trust your usual spot-on instincts.


Gemini, you have an almost unending amount of interests, passions, and personalities. You are curious and dynamic, almost to a fault at times. In 2022, your love life will implore you to nurture this tendency and expand your horizons and knowledge. Remember, you’re made for this, and these new experiences will transform your role in relationships into one that is more confident, worldly, and aware.


One of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, the Cancer should expect to brace themselves for difficult but necessary lessons in love in 2022. There may have been festering issues you’ve been trying to deal with only on the surface, but this year they will become unavoidable. All challenges offer changes, and these changes are a necessary part of a more extensive journey that continues for years to come.


Expect something big in 2022, Leo! Your chart shows significant developments in your relationships this year. These developments, however, are bittersweet. Expect themes of accountability, responsibility, commitment, and reciprocity to be essential themes between you and your romantic partner(s). Now, this may seem overwhelming, but don’t get caught up and allow your relationships to lead to new growth this year organically.


Some heavyweight movements are happening in your chart this year, Virgo. Alas, they are not primarily rooted in your love life. We already know you are hard-working and detail-oriented, and this year the planets are pushing you to focus on goals, routine-making, and future aspirations. See this as the time to focus on and take better care of yourself, Virgo. Future or current relationships will appreciate it.

Are the stars begging you to focus on love, or do they have other plans for you this year?

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