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The Basics of Holding a Séance

The Basics of Holding a Séance

The Medium

A séance does not require a trained medium, but it should involve someone who is psychically sensitive.

A psychic medium should be someone who remains in control of his or her abilities during the process. Choose a psychic who has either precognition or physical abilities like Psychokinesis or Psychometrics.

The Group

A séance needs a group, usually between four and eight people. Too many in a group and the combined energies are overpowering. Too few individuals and the collective energies are too weak.

The number of males and females does not affect the séance, but having females on one side, and males on the other can help attract spiritual energy. The spirit you are calling will feel comfortable appearing when similar sexual energy groups are together.

The Setting

Some experienced mediums use scented candles, incense or floral scents like lilac or gardenia. Others choose not to use anything because they will detect the presence of the spirit by a distinct scent. In any case, everyone in the group should avoid either wearing excessive cologne or perfume.

The key to success for a séance is being in the right spiritual and emotional state to pull an interaction with the spirit. If there are photos of the dead or an item they once owned, place them on the table. If you are recording the séance, set the recording device on the table.

Starting the Séance

Everyone in the group should sit with their hands on the table, palms up. They do not need to hold hands or touch each other. Hands with their palms up allows the energy of each person to become an incentive to engage the spirit. The intent, spirituality, emotional state and latent psychic abilities of the participants will offer their own unique outward energy which will call upon the essence.

Always open and end with a protection blessing. There is no set manner, as long as everyone is comfortable.

Everyone contributes by being quiet and allowing others in the party to be comfortable with the protection blessing. It‘s okay if a participant words their protection quietly to him or herself.

The Protection Blessing

Again, there are no set rules, but the basic wording of the protection blessing should include:

  • We are gathered in the hope of reaching the spirit world.
  • We seek answers to questions.
  • We are members of the living plane.
  • As the ceremony occurs and when it is over, allow the participants protection from harm or unpleasant associations.
  • Our intention is pure, as we believe the intentions of the spirit to be.

The medium can then ask the question. Ideally, they should wait at least 20 seconds before the participant to her/his right asks the next question. Always follow the same wait time, going in turn around the table.

Once the medium is back in control, he or she will reveal names, images, or other visions that come through "channeling." If there is a pause or silence, the person to the medium’s right can start with another question. This happens around the table until it is again the medium's turn.

Concluding the Séance

Close the séance by thanking the spirits, say something to the effect of, "we appreciate your visit and your message. Thank you for cooperating. We will now deliver you back to the spiritual realm, and our members back to the physical realm, allowed to move on as before."

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