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Spirit Guides Decoded: Birds

Spirit Guides Decoded: Birds

Are you known as a dog whisperer or do you happen to notice a certain animal no matter where you are? When the same animal draws your attention, especially in an unusual manner, it's time to consider if this animal is your spirit animal.

A spirit animal delivers messages with the wisdom and encouragement needed on your journey. You may identify a singular spirit animal present throughout your life, but you may find that spirit animals change as you grow and evolve. Understanding the full meaning of your totem animal will help you on your journey to wisdom and enlightenment.

Each animal holds a special significance, and that significance varies depending on the breed of animal. While birds as a spirit totem tend to be messengers from the spirit world, it's important that you note the particular type of bird for a detailed understanding of the message meant for you.


Traditionally, crows are mystical birds people commonly associated with spiritual mysteries and intuition. They are known for being mischievous tricksters. In fact, crows are a signal to tune into the mysteries of the universe and use your spiritual sight to see beyond appearances.


With its jewel-toned feathers, the hummingbird as a spirit animal is a reminder for you to soak up the sweetness of life and to revel in the joy found around you. Don't be afraid to open your heart to love and take the time to nurture yourself.


With their laser-like focus, Hawks are incredible predators and serve as a reminder to pay attention to your intuition. If the hawk is your spirit animal, it's time to focus on deepening your inner wisdom to discover your innate leadership.


Owls are predators that hunt in the dark and have the ability to see what hides in the dark. When the owl is your spirit guide, it may herald a significant transition, or it serves as a sign that there is someone in your life who is out to betray you. Use the sight of the owl and harness your ability to see past appearances to the truth.


While eagles are known to be the king of the skies, they also live near bodies of water and have the ability to traverse the land. This combination of skills allows them to bring a message of balance to your life. If you heed this message and find balance in your life, you will discover the path to your dreams.


With vibrant yellow feathers and a pure, sweet voice, the canary encourages you to find your inner voice and speak from the heart. If you can find your voice and use it as a tool for spreading love and joy, you will find peace.

The spiritual realm often uses animal spirit guides to deliver wisdom and insights that will help you on your path. Don't forget to pay attention to spiritual messengers in the natural world! You don't want to miss a message from the Universe.

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