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Guide to Legendary Creatures

Guide to Legendary Creatures

While there are countless sightings of angels and spirits recorded, there are also many mythical creatures found throughout history. Whether these mythical creatures inhabit legends passed down from generation to generation or illustrated in ancient artwork, their very existence has fueled imaginations for all time.

Very often these creatures arise from ancient myths and act as protectors of sacred spaces or companions to the gods or goddesses. While some legendary creatures make their appearance in ancient stories, inquisitive seekers still search out other legendary creatures in the modern world.

Inspiring Legendary Creatures

A unicorn is a pure and beautiful creature that resembles a horse with one single horn. The horn contains magical, healing powers. Some myths state that the unicorns were too arrogant to board the Ark and perished in the great flood.

While there are many types of dragons with a broad range of characteristics and powers. A dragon is a general term for a serpent-like creature that can fly and breathe fire. Even though many people believe that dragons are fictional creatures, many also believe that they are related to dinosaurs and live in the dark depths of caverns, hidden from view.

These mythological creatures have the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse. The legend of Centaurs dates back to Roman history as shown in artwork from the Mediterranean region.

Griffins have the body and claws of a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. Art and folklore from ancient Rome and Greece showcases some of the earliest depictions of griffins. They are considered the king of all animals and are known for their fierce and protective natures. Commonly griffins are depicted to guard gold and other treasures.

Mermaids are legendary creatures that exist both in myth and in historical accounts from famed adventurers. A mermaid has the body of a woman with a fish tail instead of legs. Mermaids are found in stories from all over the world while some claim that mermaids are related to the sirens of ancient Greece. Mermaids are powerful, and they are often related to storms, shipwrecks and other maritime disasters. Other times mermaids are depicted as benevolent creatures who have been known to save lives and fall in love with humans.

The legends of the Selkies started in Scotland and Ireland. A selkie is a legendary creature that is a seal in the water but turns into a human on land. In their human form, male selkies will seduce the lonely wives of fishermen. However, human males can make a female selkie their wife by stealing her seal skin. Many of these stories end in tragedy with the selkie returning to the sea.

Found in stories from all over the world, the Phoenix is a bird that lives for centuries before dying in a dramatic burst of flames. The beauty of the story though is the new bird rising from the ashes. In many mythologies, the Phoenix is related to the sun and the cycle of life.

Whether they inhabit hidden lands or ancient stories passed down through the generations, these legendary creatures have lived on in the hearts of men for all time. The lasting impression that these have made on humankind makes you wonder what the truth is behind the stories?

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