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Four Secrets About Angels

Four Secrets About Angels

The universal power of the Divine allows angels—spirits with the mission of helping us by supernatural intervention—to better our lives through their involvement.

How do angels accomplish this monumental task? They work by observing and recording all of our personal choices and actions. Angels add every one of our efforts, both those we are aware and those occurring subconsciously, to their extensive knowledge about the decisions we all make.

Angels also use our prayers to help them learn information vital to our continued wellbeing.

Since angels look at humanity from the outside in, no matter how much they learn about our lives, they remain relatively limited. Their experiences can be restricted to only the observable universe (even things on the smallest scale, many undetectable by humans), unless they are asked.

Only in certain circumstances can angels use your secret thoughts, desires and ambitions.

Angels have many different features, of which we might be familiar, but there are some things few people know about how angels work to improve our lives.

Here are four secrets about the lives of angels. Learn them, and you can better experience the help of angels as they intercede on your behalf:

Angels are not all knowing, but they know a lot more than we do

Spiritual angels are not omniscient; they are not all knowing, like the Divine. However, they do exist on a higher level of creation, so no earthly entities can possess as much wisdom as they do. Angels also boast a higher understanding of the absolute than most humans do.

Angels need your permission to read your thoughts

Angels use telepathy to communicate with each other and with humans—entering the mind through thoughts. Although they are able to hear voices, discern spiritual energies and read thoughts, angels have limitations. For one, they cannot communicate with you without you granting them permission.

No angel, spirit entity, or guide can reach our minds without our explicit permission. Once we let our spirit guides and angels read our minds, we are able to assemble them at any time without articulation.

Angels observe the consequences of thoughts

Only the Divine Power knows everything you think, and only this entity knows how your thoughts relate to your future destiny. On the other hand, angels can learn much about your inner feelings by observing the consequences of your thoughts.

How do angels know your secret thoughts? The most powerful aspect is seeing the impact thoughts have on physical actions. This is how angels can get your deepest thoughts without invitation—the same way some humans do. Think of it like a doctor judging a change in your expression by the slight deviations in pulse. The same process is similar to a lie detector, but with angels, it is through the power of your spirit.

Angels only use their knowledge of us for good

Angels might know your most secret thoughts—even things that you do not know—but you never have to worry that angels will ever cause you harm. Angels know things we may not, but because they are agents for good, they will not use their powers for evil purposes.

Angels will never divulge their vast wealth of information about humanity, or use it to hurt us. In a time when humans can be trusted with personal information, it is certainly comforting to know that angels are out there, watching us with benevolence, happy to help us when needed.

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