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Five Things You Didn't Know About Ghosts

Five Things You Didn't Know About Ghosts

Ghosts and their stories have been a prominent fixture in our folklore since the brink of civilization. The idea that the dead can exist in some part with the living is an ancient belief. For some, the presence of ghosts is comforting, mainly if the spirit is a departed loved one. However, for most, the existence of ghosts is a chilling and frightening reality. Below, find out some spooky facts about our otherworldly companions!

1) There Are Several Types of Hauntings

Believe it or not, there are varying types of ghost encounters and hauntings. The two most common are called residual and intelligent hauntings. Residual hauntings tend to occur in the same place, time, and the same manner repeatedly. In these cases, the spirit is attached to a particular location or object.

Intelligent hauntings occur when a spirit attempts to communicate with the realm of the living and is random or in response to a human's actions. This communication could include moving an object, closing a door, showing itself, or manifesting cold spots or orbs.

2) Only 18% of Americans Say They've Seen a Ghost, but 46% Believe They Are Real

You read that right! Even though nearly half of the American population believes in ghosts, only 18% of the entire country has seen one. Furthermore, because of the fragile nature of spiritual communications, it is not a sure thing that you will experience or make contact with a departed spirit. Nevertheless, folklore, mythologies, and legends have a strong and lasting effect on our relationship with the undead. It doesn't always take “seeing” for our “believing.”

3) Ghosts Have No Sense of Passing Time

Although ghosts can intersect with our reality, they do not exist in our specific plane of existence. Laws such as time, physics, and gravity do not apply to the spiritual realm. This means that many ghosts may not “age” with time. Ghostly manifestations often remain frozen in a particular time or moment long passed. Floating apparitions also prove that ghosts have no need of gravity!

4) Ghosts, Demons, and Angels Are Different Beings

It is a common mistake to view ghosts as demons or angels as ghosts; however, these are all unique beings. Ghosts are a surviving emotional memory of someone that was once human. The reason for a ghosts' passing and how they manifest is unique to everyone. The fundamental difference between ghosts, angels, and demons is that angels and demons were never in human form. Angels and demons are spiritual servants of either gods or evil forces.

5) Victorian times Gave Way to the Modern Ghost Show

Before séances and the traveling psychic shows of the 19th century, our experiences with ghosts were quite different. In Victorian times, low life expectancies due to brutal living conditions led to many grieving families. As a result, ghost hunting and mediums became a booming business to bring a bit of healing to those grieving, making ghosts a more prominent fixture of our everyday lives. Since then, we've had a surge of professional mediums, ghost shows, in-person ghost tours, traveling paranormal investigators, and other ghost-centered events that bring the supernatural to our homes, TVs, or just outside our doors!

There you have it — what did you learn about your favorite paranormal all-stars?

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