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Angels & Your Third Eye

Angels & Your Third Eye

Many feel that seeing angels or connecting with the spiritual realm is reserved only for those with ‘special’ powers or gifts. It is true, this type of higher communication and transcendence takes extra care and practice, but we all have the tools to do this work within us. Our sixth chakra, or our third eye, is our very own gateway to angels and spirits. Home to our memory, imagination, intuition, and higher consciousness, our third eye is the foundation of higher seeing and transcendent communications. Below you will find tools to both clear out and sharpen your third eye focus, along with helpful advice on how to manifest messages from higher realms.

Why Connect to Angels & Spirits?

Those who are experiencing a blocked sixth chakra might notice symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and vivid nightmares. More often than not, these symptoms may lead to an overall feeling of skepticism about the world. If you want to address these symptoms and begin connecting to a higher truth and understanding, healing your third eye would be a terrific place to start. The sixth chakra represents a higher self and a higher knowledge of the world that is not directly tied to your five physical senses, or, the realm of angels and spirits. Once you begin the process of cleansing your third eye, what you once may not have noticed as a sign of a higher or divine plan, is now opened up to you to experience. You’ll see that skepticism is replaced with awe, wonder, and joy.

How to Clean Up Your Third Eye

It is not as menacing as you may think! All energy work merely begins with an intentional choice to take time to forgive as well as time to care for forgotten parts of your body and spirit. Sometimes the hardest part of any journey is starting it, and once you commit to the process, it will feel relevant and necessary to continue. Meditation is a wonderful way to manifest this intentional choice for care and focus. First, sit comfortably in a room that feels relaxed and welcoming. Close your eyes while inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply. The more time you take on your breath, the better. Be sure to not rush the breath and instead feel the way it revives your body and mind. Continue to breathe and turn your focus to your third eye, the middle of your forehead. Imagine a soft violet sphere of light gently passing through this point. Purple is the third eye chakra’s color, and imagining this will help clear bad and stagnant energy away. Repeat this process as many times as needed for as long as needed. This will vary by person. If you need extra energy healing boosts, gemstones such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, and quartz are all associated with the third eye and higher seeing. Carry these with you in your pocket, wear them as jewelry, or just place them around you while you are meditating.

Trust Your Intuitions

Once you open up the door to a higher consciousness, spend more time focusing on the subtle rhythms of the universe. Allow the spiritual realm to manifest in everyday things. Noticing these rhythms will fill you with deep love and wisdom. Trust that everything is connected and what you are perceiving is the higher truth. Nowadays, it can be easy to forget to slow down and notice these connections, but you are in the world to perceive them, give thanks to them, and perpetuate them. Rather than being weighed down by physical senses, you now have the beautiful gift of ascension where you can communicate to your angels, spirit guides, and divine sources.

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