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Angel Numbers Decoded

Angel Numbers Decoded

Our guardian angels will use many different ways to communicate with us and many of those signs are found in nature. One of the most common and effective methods is to relate messages via repeated numbers. Whether you manage to catch the clock at 1:11 or you keep noticing the same number series no matter where you go, there are certain numbers that hold special significance and contain important messages from angels.

If you catch numbers that are personally significant to you, such as birth dates or anniversaries, it is an intensely personal message from your angel. For example, if you come across your birth date in an odd place, it is a message that you need to reflect on your life’s purpose and what you were born to do. Are you following your heart and fulfilling your life’s purpose, or do you need to get back on track? While there are personally significant numbers, there are also angel numbers that when they appear in repetition or that you keep finding, there is a specific message that you need to understand.

The Meaning of Angel Numbers

0—When you come across the number 0 keeps recurring or appears in serial repetition (00, 000, etc.) it is a message that you need to pay attention to your spiritual side. It’s a clue that your intuition has the answers that you seek.

1—This number is related to new beginnings and independence. It is also a reminder that you need to focus on positive thoughts and actions, rather than negative. Remember, beginnings can be a time of fear and anxiety, but if you overcome your fear you will be rewarded with inspiring opportunities.

2—The number 2 in recurrence or repetition is a message that you must have faith and maintain positivity as your life balances out. It is the number of harmony. While circumstances might be rocky in the moment, the angel number 2 is a reminder that your life will balance out for the best.

3—This number represents the mind, body and spirit. It is a reminder that you are learning from the Divine and that you can achieve your dreams.

4—When the number 4 appears in your life it is a reminder that there is a task at hand and that you should remain diligent. Don’t be afraid to ask your angels for guidance or assistance. They are there to help you!

5—Get ready for major life changes when the number 5 shows up in your life. The number is a message that it’s time to break from old habits to make room for new changes.

6—The number 6 is associated with healing and acts of service. When you find it recurring in your life, or in repetition, it may be a message that you need to stay positive and help others in order to find balance and peace of mind.

7—The number 7 has long been regarded as a mystical number with powerful ties to the Divine. Most commonly it is seen as a message from the angels that you are on the right track and that your spirituality is connected with the collective conscious of humanity.

8—Symbolizing abundance, the number 8 is a number of power, strength and achievement. It is a sign that material abundance or wealth is on its way into your life and that your karma is rewarding you with monetary blessings.

9—When the number 9 appears in your life it is a message that you need to reevaluate your life’s work and find your purpose while serving others. It is closely related to your Divine purpose in life.

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