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5 Types of Spooky Spirits

5 Types of Spooky Spirits

Is something sinister coming after you in a ghostly form? Uncover hidden information about ghouls, specters, wraiths, poltergeists, and demons because... BOO! What you're unaware of may come back to haunt you.

You wake up hearing something go bump in the night. "What on Earth was that?" Could a fiendish being be lurking around somewhere in those shadows? If the prospect gives you goosebumps, learn more about these five spiritual behaviors to feel less like a fraidy cat.


Appropriately enough, nothing else in the world seems more ghoulish than a ghoul. With Arabic historical records of ghouls precursing Islam, these undead souls are half-human, half-demon, and are primarily females. Once rumored to be man-eaters and the terrifying cause of mass sickness and plagues, it is mostly agreed upon that ghouls live in uninhabited desert areas and feed on wild animals like coyotes, not on human flesh.


The technical definition of a specter is an otherworldly apparition, a ghostly form, and an eidolon. Though unlike ghosts, nothing confines specters to one location. Specters are also free from existing in a time-loop based on the realities of their former life. With this freedom to roam, specters are more apt to explore and haunt faraway places, and not your home, simply because they can.


If wraiths, also known as phantoms or phantasms, really freak you out, you are not alone. This scream-inducing, undead, and supernatural being will appear directly or shortly after their human body departs. And yet, wraiths lack the power or desire to harm the living. However, wraiths are a spine-chilling reminder of our mortality and the unforeseen afterlife.


Oh, the horror! The idea of a poltergeist invading your space makes even the bravest of souls' pulse quicken. The spirit most likely to disturb their environment, poltergeists' wild personalities cause them to unleash outwardly. Outbursts are often boisterous, startling, and messy, but poltergeists do not necessarily perform them with wicked intentions towards people.


When a mega monstrosity like a demon materializes from the depths of the spiritual underworld, it's only natural for your knees to knock. Able to be much more destructive than any other spirit, possess human bodies, and take visible form, demons have a trio of truly terrifying attributes. But no matter who or what summons this pure evil up to our surface, there is a rock-solid way to resist the demon's will. How? Strong morals, inner strength, and good mental health.

These five most spooky spirits hold enough power to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. But, since you are now equipped with more knowledge about ghouls, specters, wraiths, poltergeists, and demons, this useful information automatically makes you much more protected from all of their harmful spiritual energies. So, come out from hiding under your blankets and pat yourself on the back because now you have five fewer reasons to be afraid of the dark.

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