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Hello! My name is Marlena and I am a Spiritual healer, Empathic Psychic, Life Coach and Meditation Guru with 16 years of experience in my field.

Helping individuals realize their true potential, calling and purpose in life is my true calling and purpose. I've worked with a native triple, studied at Fresno City College, spoke to gurus from around the world, been to many seminars, and taken all the necessary steps to further develop my healing and psychic abilities and gain a true understanding of how the spiritual world affects us in our everyday lives.

If you are trying to find peace while your heart is in pieces, I am the Psychic for you. I can guide you to a life of happiness, true love and success. If you are worried, if you are stressed, if you are confused, I will use the best of my abilities to remove these negative feelings and bring you peace of mind and clarity. With me, you will not go wrong.

If you asked yourself any of these questions, you must contact me today:

Is he/she the one?

What is going through my partner???s mind?

Will my marriage/relationship last?

Why hasn???t he/she called me?

Will we reunite?

Can I trust my partner?

When will love come my way?

When will I meet my soulmate?

When will I start a family?

Am I going to get that promotion?

When will my good luck come?

I can help lead you to your perfect life path and answer the questions that you have been wanting to ask. No question is too big!

My Services:

Tarot Card Readings

Love & Relationship Readings

Picture Readings

Mediumship Readings

Past Life Regression Readings

Astrology Readings

My specialty is helping people in removing and/or preventing life???s obstacles and helping them find the true meaning of happiness.

My abilities include Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Claircognizance which means I able to see, feel, hear and know exactly what is going on in your life and anybody else???s life that you may be interested in knowing about.

I am a medium. I am able to connect to the other side and ask the questions you have been wanting to ask your loved ones that are no longer with us in physical form.

With 16 years of Psychic experience, I can help you understand the present, know the future and learn from your past. I give accurate readings and caring advice. I have many solutions to help you with any issue. I will reveal what is going on with your life, where you???re headed and what you can do about it. I DO NOT SUGAR COAT nor will I tell you what you WANT to know. I will tell what you need to know, but with a compassionate heart. I give advice on all aspects of life. Whether it???s love and relationships, family and friends, career and finance, spirituality and religion, emotional and mental growth, sexuality, stress management, emotional turmoil and tragedy, and much more. I can help with all. I will lead you to your path of happiness and help you to overcome the trials of emptiness.

Sometimes life and love aren't easy, the unknown is a difficult thing to deal with by yourself and you can???t help who you fall in love with or what life throws at you, but I make it easy for you to talk to me about it and together we will find the solution to your problems. Don???t let stress and fear of the unknown get you down, a brighter future awaits. I do hope to hear from you soon. Many blessings :)

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