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Hello My name is Julia North. I can provide you with direct answers to your personal life questions. This will be exemplified via clairaudient psychic reading and coupled with clairvoyance and remote viewing abilities. My qualifications are 40 years of psychic advising, reading cartouche? A very distilled Egyptian tarot and receiving message through sound imaging and direct remote view. As a practicing psychic I can help you with past, present and future questions about your love life, your career and your life's direction and development. I deliver clarity to problems, answers to your love life troubles, and always with a positive up lifting message.

A Little about me.

A Pisces Sun Gemini rising with the moon in Libra on the cusp of Scorpio. My validated psychic experiences started at 18 when my high school sweetheart's parents asked us to go to Martha's Vineyard for our high school graduation present. My mother was particularly excited for me to go, as she hoped I may decide to go to college there, where the Kennedy's did.

I had been in many small private planes before but just a few days before our well-planned trip, I started to have second thoughts about going. My mother even begged me not to miss the opportunity.

Because I dug my heels in and refused to go, my passionate equally dramatic high school boyfriend also backed out and stayed with me.

His parents plane ripped apart in mid air that day, somewhere over Ohio. Killing both his parents. Needless to say, the funeral was shocking two caskets for both Mom & Dad. It was then that I started paying closer attention to the moments that were more than coincidence. I did notice after time that the answers or situations presented themselves in the form of words inside my head. Clairaudience for me feel like a radio frequency that is coming from all directions until you tune in to one distinct communication. Landing in the right side of my head or ears? under stress can be maddening.

Over the years I started practicing the Egyptian Cartouche, a distilled deck containing 25 cards. I feel that psychic tools are nothing more than a banjo to a musician. If you can make music, you don't need anything. But what special about the Cartouche is they help confirm my clairaudience and there are only 25 cards, and there for give fast answer fast direct answers, instead of long-drawn-out scenarios.

The items I've found, the messages I've read, and the images I've received are far too many at this point to recount.

What I think that is important to share is that future is a fluid and ever-changing place. Any psychic who tells you they know the definitive future is inaccurate by my opinion. What an adept psychic does is see the shadow of what you are projecting at the time of the reading and explain to you in regard to your questions the direction your life is pointing. This is wonderful creative process that allows the client to change their own course or direction, and the first reason to speak to a psychic. Hinds-site is fore site. This is why I try to keep all of my reading with clients as uplifting ones. The landscape of our lives is shifting as by the influence of those around us. Essentially known as the butterfly effect.

I do my readings for you, at my home, in a boat, surrounded by water in a pacific ocean harbor. Water is a natural and helpful conduit.

The longer time I stay in connection with you the easier it is to start making sense of the words and images that I pull for you.

Some time people will ask me if I remember telling them about a particular reading. Often times I do not because the information does not pertain to me personally. Not to worry, I have no problems tapping back into where we left off.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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  • SASKIAR0814 08/23/2023
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  • EMPRESS 07/26/2023
  • Reading with Julia went longer than expected casie it was that engrossing! She hit a lot of profound truths and nuances that I resonated with! Thnk you Julia for pointing me to the North star!?
  • DONNAB0621 07/20/2023
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  • VICKIE51 07/02/2023
  • I guess I needed a shot of reality, and she socked it to me! But she had a lot of wisdom, of what to do in a practical sense, to get what my heart desires. Thank you!
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