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Intuitive abilities are tuned to the heart.
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Intuitive and empathic tarot reader who specializes in numerology and natal charts to get all the answers you desire.

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears

I believe that you and I are here for a purpose. I believe in you and I believe in my abilities and the spirit of divinity. The spirit of divinity believes in you and I.

You can only imagine some of the questions that I get by folks, how do you do that? or are you a mind reader? I chuckle and explain by saying, I'm not reading minds, I am intricately feeling emotions. This is a feeling type of universe. What I am reading, so to speak, is reading the sacred Tarot. You may be wondering, how does Tarot work? I come to understand it this way, some people read Braille, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Sandstone drawings from the Aztecs, Rune Stones or the Iching or Latin for example. It's like tuning into ESPN when you want sports. I tune in to the divine with your permission using a beautiful Oracle. I did not choose Tarot, Tarot chose me and the reason that the Powers-that-Be did make that choice is because I truly care about your life and your human emotions and heart. It is like gold! I have always been sensitive and in tune with the supernatural since I was a very small child.

You may have heard a saying, your heart is like gold and must go through hot and trying flames to be tempered into purity, like life's trials and tribulations OR one of my personal favorites, The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.

Recently, I met an amazing man, we'll call him Drew. He told me something powerful, he said to me, people have to get drenched, wet & cold through a rainstorm to get to the rainbow at the end. Each of us WILL hit a storm or two but we WILL get to the rainbow and all that's golden. With patience and understanding you and I will get some shelter through the storm and see that rainbow insight. And just a little bit of information about Quinn T. Essence


... That's the stuff that makes all truth revealed, getting to the heart of the matter in the most quality of standards.

I am so happy to share with you my seriously precise intuition and deep empathic ability. I am so blessed and fortunate I have the opportunity to share it with you!

The human heart, emotions and soul are what make Quintessence the entire possibility of the infinite and the eternal. No matter what, truth will always prevail.

I have the Key to Unlock the Door

A little bit about me:

Irish Scottish descent. Shoshone Native American descent.

Started Judo at the age of 3, continued with Kung Fu and Chinese boxing and instructed Chinese Kempo for 8 years. Weapon Specialist. Father of four, 3 beautiful daughters and my precious son who is now watching over me from heaven and has been now for about 2 years. I love art. I have acted in a few TV shows and movies and currently working on a independent film, you will all have to check it out, it is my first lead role. Should be pretty interesting. I love music and painting with oil on canvas. I live and breathe art. I have taken a few different intelligent quotient tests. My scoring is quite well but what I know is most important is our emotional quotient!! That is the highest quality of value. Without that, I wouldn't be here doing this today! I love you all and thank you.

PS- the pictures you are looking at are the real exact Tarot deck that you and I will be using and one of my original paintings representing love and the bonding of solid relationships.

  • SALGAL8 06/21/2018
  • Quinn is a jewel of the heart ! Beautiful soul and gave clear answers to my questions. I would definitely call him again...
  • JENIFFERW0104 04/14/2018
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