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Tarot Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath, Studied Astrology for 17 years, Studied Tarot for 10 years

As a child my great aunt, a natural born intuitive and empath saw potential in me and served as my mentor. She helped me tune in and refine that potential, her and my spirit guide Nicolas worked together to show me how to practice multiple types of divination and become the spiritual advisor I am today.

I would describe my reading style as loving but straightforward: I refuse to lie, sugarcoat, or beat around the bush. If I believe a situation or choice will harm you or bring you unhappiness I will be upfront about it (this includes potential or current romantic partners). But I will always, always give you guidance and insight on how to make the most of your situation and whether you can do anything to change it to fulfill your happiness and well being.

Tarot and Oracle decks are the tools I use to fully channel my abilities to hear and see messages from Spirit. I find tarot and Oracle are the mediums I use channel messages from Spirit from but often receive guidance through my ability to both hear spirits and receive feelings and images from them. I often consult my spirit guide Nicolas as I pull cards and tap into my intuition; he is a valuable ally and has never, ever led me astray. Even the rare times I don't understand what he has initially said, the message makes itself abundantly clear later.

My specialty is that which matters most to us, matters of heart and desire: love, career, and knowing our purpose in life and embracing it. I also give readings about college/school, life path, friendship, family, and developing your intuition. It is my goal to help you live a life aligned with both Spirit's intention for you and your personal bliss.

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