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Focus on communicating with the spirit world
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  • AskNow Since: 2022
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Let me help u with what is going on in your life, Let me show your future and destiny, that is made for you. I have been reading for 25 years. Also with my clairvoyant abilities and my ability with past loved one and spirits. That in foreseen in your future life . Let me help through the trials and troubles of your life with my experience.

My name is Barbara. On my grandfather side his mother was Cherokee, most of my inheritance came more on my grandmother side, she was a healer, and she could tell you what your dreams what they meant. She also hears spirits of loved ones. I grew with this all around me. When I was five, I could hear people trying to speak to me and my grandmother explain to me, this was spirits wanting to talk to me. I have a strong line of physic abilities from Tarot reading, communicating with spirits and with my clairvoyant to make it so clear for you. I can also help you with your money and finances also, help your see about how your goals will be coming into play in your life.

  • JENNIFERM77 11/14/2022
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  • LUCINDAK0812 10/21/2022
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  • KAMEELAH01 09/26/2022
  • She saw that I would be getting medical bill and I didn't understand however my insurance sent me a bill a week later wanting to deny my hospital visit She good just let her take time to connect to you
  • MEMBER213981 09/24/2022
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  • RITASUNSHINE 09/24/2022
  • Barbara is kind and encouraging. These qualities make her a healer for me. I appreciate that I had the opportunity to speak with Barbara in time of CRISIS. Thank you Barbara for helping me.
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