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Communicates with spirit guides and guardian angels.
  • Experience: 10 yrs.
  • AskNow Since: 2022
  • Total Readings: 142
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Languages: English
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  • Careers & Goals
  • Love & Relationships
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  • Ordained Minister, Priestess of Mary Magdalene, Priestess of Isis, Angelic Channeler, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Intuitive Healer

Welcome Beloveds. My name is Magick Mama and I am honored to be here with you. I am a life, sex, and spirituality coach, Angel channeler, tarot and oracle card reader, pastor, priestess, and psychic, here to share my gifts with you as a vessel of the Most High. I have had the honor of utilizing these gifts with people all over the globe, and love the work I do. Let's dive deep into your energetic field, and receive divine insight as to the next and best steps for you to live your life happily ever after. I look forward to connecting with you, your energies, and seeing what comes through, and how you can be the best you possible. Are you willing to show up for you now? Are you willing to upgrade your life? Are you willing to know love at a deep, soul level? Are you willing to let go of what's no longer serving you? You are divine, loved, and worthy of all of that, and so much more. I love you, God loves you, and Angels surround you. And so it is.

For over 10 years now, mostly behind the scenes, I have had the pleasure to work as a coach, psychic, and channeler. I wasn't always so eager to do the spiritual work, actually, it scared me and threw me off. I thought God got it wrong as if that's possible, or I was misinterpreting the messages. Many years of running and hiding just to lead me right back to where I belong, here with all of you, pouring into the collective with hope, spiritual truths, insights, and mostly love. I was raised as a Christian and this work was not looked at with kindness. On more than one occasion, I was told that I was going to hell for being interested in the occult. It was when I chose to listen to the messages from my Higher Self and not the EGO-centered humans out there, living their lives in fear and condemnation, that I stepped onto this path fully, with humility, love, and no shame, that my gifts expanded, and I was able to help even more people. God makes no mistakes.

This work, my work, is heart-centered and spirit based. As this is my calling, I choose to dive deeper every day in honing my skills, so I can bring forth the messages that will serve the highest and greatest good of all, and lead you to your highest and greatest timeline. I have been initiated as a Priestess of Isis and Mary Magdalene, am an ordained minister, life, sex, and spirituality coach, and am currently becoming certified in reading the Akashic Records.

My psychic talents are innate, however, I utilize tools like tarot and oracle cards, crystals, numerology, and astrology to call in even deeper messages for the collective. It is my pleasure, honor, and duty to show up every day and pour into all of you, as the Most High pours into me. I am a vessel for divine grace and I am honored to show up daily for this mission. We are all divine, valued, loved, and worthy. We all deserve to live life "happily ever after." You are loved. You are divine. You are worthy. I love you, God loves you, and Angels surround you.

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