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Unlocks the mysteries of life using Tarot cards.
  • Experience: 40 yrs.
  • AskNow Since: 2021
  • Total Readings: 369
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Languages: English
  • Categories:
  • Careers & Goals
  • Love & Relationships
  • Mediums
  • Money & Finance
  • Spiritual Guides
  • Credentials:
  • Over 40 Years Tarot experience, Master Tarot level workshop Teacher, Studied Tarot in U.S. and England Held in good standing for many years professional designations Nursing/ Counselling (retired) College/ University background

You are not here by chance - your soul guided you here. Gifted Third generation Psychic, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Master Tarot Card Reader

I am a 3rd generation Professional Tarot Reader and intuitive Psychic Counselor. I have over 40 Years Tarot experience, Master Tarot level workshop Teacher, Studied Tarot in U.S. and England.

From a child I always had a connection to Spirit. Growing up in a home of other generational mediums and both playing cards and tea leaf readers, I was able to appreciate and acknowledge her own gifts of Clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychometry from an early age. I have attended many workshops and International Conferences and have read and collaborated with top published authors. I have studied and attended several courses with the Arthur Findlay College, in Essex, United Kingdom. My professional affiliations include tenures as a nurse, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, and Counselor. Then mid-life after picking up my first deck of Tarot Cards, and my guides clearly speaking to me through them, they were the tool she was meant to use to help people on their personal journey of self discovery.

The cards speak to me with the voices and visions from my Counsel of six Spirit guides from the other side of the veil that I have closely worked with for the past 30 years. I have been prompted by Spirit to follow my passion - helping people receive messages from spirit through Tarot; offering insight, guidance and a sense of confidence in their journey.

If you are you here for answers and tired of not getting what you deserve in your life around love, relationships, finances and your work - together, we will find the answers you need to stop the worry and confusion you may be feeling. Through my gifts you will be empowered with the insight and answers you need in all matters of love, money and your career. By gaining insight into what other people may be thinking and feeling, or possible future outcomes, you are able to better plan and set goals to attain what you want, deserve and need to make you happy.

YOU are not here by accident - your soul guided you here??? this is your gateway to psychic spiritual insight and healing!

  • DOODLES2664 04/08/2021
  • She was on point. Look forward to reading with her again..
  • MSV6804 04/08/2021
  • I was blown away with how she was able to tell me so many exact things in my life.
  • DESERREE23 03/29/2021
  • Sally is very kind and to the point. Thank you for your time and energy
  • TIOMAS 03/21/2021
  • Very good reader and advisor.
  • DESERREE23 03/18/2021
  • Thank you for the very insightful reading. Very accurate and friendly.
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