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Christian Mystic ...Candle Magic and Love Spells that really work! Magic is the ultimate application of faith!

The ultimate goal is to create a positive atmosphere in which one can receive with clarity the messages being sent from our spirit guides. Being raised in a fundamentally Christian atmosphere with an appreciation for the mystic powers of God and the Saints has blessed me with many gifts. Both of my parents practiced in Zen meditation and parapsychology. At the age of 7 I was blessed with the Holy Spirit and began laying hands on people of all ages. My Grandmother was exceptionally careful in nurturing this gift. She passed down to me generations of Bible magic practiced by our family. I have experienced many levels of enlightenment through both ancient and contemporary practices. Building on the knowledge of my ancestors and the teachings of many great spiritual leaders gives me great clarity and insight.

Faith is the main ingredient in any magic spell. Together we will find the answers to your most pressing issues. I am a firm believer in the power of positive attraction. Often we alone are blocking our progress. Removing negative energy and bothersome spirits can make a clear path for happiness and success.

Using many different techniques we can identify and honor your spirit guides so they can help you find your true path. The magic that already belongs to you is waiting to be revealed. Learning to control the spirits that belong with you and removing the ones that don't is the most important work you will do in this lifetime.

I have the recipes for literally thousands of spiritual cleansing and jobs for any situation. This technique will help you change your outlook on the present situation and the future. I can help you take control of your own destiny and finally be able to write your own happy endings.

My training is in Afro-Cuban tribal magic, Santeria, Spiritualism and Bible Magic.

Please have a paper and pencil ready to take notes. I know your time is valuable so stop wasting it and call me NOW!

Be Blessed...Be Happy...Be Free...

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