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Intimate knowledge of your goals and ambitions.
  • Experience: 5 yrs.
  • AskNow Since: 2018
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  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Languages: English
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  • Spiritual Guides
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  • Energy Reader, Pranic Healer, Love Specialist, Intuitive Life Coach, Vibrational Uplifter, Chakra Balancer, Crystal Aura, Empath, Positive Projection and Manifesting

Expert advice in love, life, and finances. Recipes for success!!

I am a crystal child meaning that I have a crystal aura. I am part of the new age vibration sent to be empathetic and healing to all human conditions.

My parents are both indigo children highly in tune to the universe and its mysteries. I was raised in a contemporary environment with respect for all life. At a young age, I was able to achieve total balance of all of my chakra levels through meditation, prayer, and ritual. I am an old soul with a youthful energy that can help you raise your vibrations and attain all the desires of your heart. My gifts are clairaudient messages, clairvoyant visions, positive projection, and astral travel techniques.

I have mastered many arts of devination and can determine which tools are the best for your situation. I use positively charged crystals, ruins, scrilling, and pendulum confirmations to connect to your situation. I will identify your spirit guides through deep meditation and examination into your past lives. We will determine your karmic debt, your life lessons, and your true purpose for existing on this in this lifetime. Let me help you unravel lifes most pressing questions. Together we can make positive affirmations with supporting energy to achieve all of your true desires. Call me. Chances are I have already seen you in my dreams and have messages for you from the universe!

  • DREAMERDEB 05/13/2019
  • Great reader! Picked up on my thoughts almost instantly
  • KELLEES0728 05/10/2019
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  • ADRIANA1004 05/06/2019
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  • NICOLEM0430 05/06/2019
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  • RENEE123 05/06/2019
  • absolutely amazing and beautiful! she is true to the point! everything without my words she knew! I will be contacting you soon
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