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  • Experience: 35 yrs.
  • AskNow Since: 2015
  • Total Readings: 11,508
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Languages: English
  • Categories:
  • Money & Finance
  • Dream Analysis
  • Love & Relationships
  • Tarot Readers
  • Careers & Goals
  • Credentials:
  • Distinguished member of the National Psychic Association, Certified Psychic, Reiki Master, Ordained Reverend, Cert. Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Life Counselor

Amazing Psychic uses her God-given gifts to help enlighten clients so they can empower their lives and have a more enriching future.

I'm clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, medium, empathic and communicate with spirits, angels and guides. I am an expert in my field, and well respected all over the world! I am very serious about my work. Channeling angels' advice to clients is what I do. I am not here to judge you; I'm here to help you. I can help you with your questions. Ask me your question at hand, and I shall start picking up on your vibrations through my sensitive and empathic traits.

Using my spiritual gifts, I can recognize sources of negative energy in your life and help lead you down the right path. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairscent, clairgustant, empathic, a spiritual medium, and I read tarot, interpret dreams, talk to angels and spirit guides, and more.

My guidance is honest and thoughtful. My readings will help lead you toward a path of healing and empower you toward a life full of love, joy, and understanding. Having inherited my gifts, I've been a seer all my life and have given prophecies since I was a young child. I've been providing psychic readings professionally for more than three decades. I have an interesting way of giving you answers you seek, channeling from the spirit world, speaking to the angels on a daily basis and connecting to those who have passed over.

If you are confused as to what the spirits are trying to tell you, give me a call, and I can help you decipher the messages. I quickly tap into the energies around you and interpret the confusing messages that may be intruding into your private thoughts and dreams. I am a true professional and will treat you and your situation with the utmost compassion and understanding.

Allow me to help you find what you seek and you won't be disappointed. I am honest and straight-forward, so please don't call me if you're just looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear. I am positive, precise and kind, but I don't sugarcoat things. A reading with me can be a life-changing experience!

Honest - Kind - Compassionate - Accurate

My guardians and other entities work with me daily, as well as the Ascended Masters and other spiritual beings, to tell you what is the best road for you to take to reach your goal. I want the best for my clients, always.

My Professional Credentials:

* Ph.D. in Philosophy in Therapy, Ph.D. Pastoral Psychotherapy

* Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner

* Certified Psychic

* Outstanding and Distinguished Charter Member of the National Psychic Assoc.

* Law of Attraction Practitioner

* Certified Reiki Master

* Doctorate in Divinity

* Warrior of The Spiritual Faith

* More than 40 years experience in "reading" people, giving prophecy and spiritual advice.

You were brought here for a reason, a very spiritual reason, because your angels, guides and spirit helpers want you to get through what you're facing with grace and dignity. You were brought here for help and guidance. So CALL NOW, and I will help shed some light on your questions at hand. Call for answers to your questions and let me guide you thru it!

I will help guide you with answers to your life's questions. Let me use my gifts and spirit guides to address your concerns as accurately as possible, keeping in mind that not everything is written in stone, and a myriad of factors are involved.

  • NAIMAI0805 11/30/2023
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  • WENDYC1111 11/25/2023
  • Phone Based Rating
  • TINAM 11/25/2023
  • Great call as always call you soon before the year is up.
  • KACHKIEL 11/23/2023
  • Absolutely clear and great reading. Would like to connect soon to follow up. I would recommend Lani Moonrain to everybody who needs precise reading.
  • GINSENG 11/20/2023
  • Warm, caring and wise reader. Gave a quick timing for prediction, hope to call her back tomorrow to confirm. Wonderful interaction.
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