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  • BA Business Communications and Drama, English teacher, business owner, reiki practitioner

Edmund is a medium who reads tarot since the age of 5. Each of his readings is a unique journey in which you are at the center of your own personal experience. Let his gifts guide you to a more confident and clear role to play in your own life.

Calling upon his lifelong gifts, Edmund works with each individual to help them reach alignment through personalized Tarot/Mediumship readings. He brings with him a long journey of experience because he began reading tarot at the very young age of 5; having been introduced to the cards by his great-aunt who recognized and helped develop his familial gifts of divination. He possesses a unique talent of articulating detailed readings clearly and thoroughly. His goal is to have you "think beyond yourself" thus making you more aware of the role you play in situations confronting you, while guiding you to leave the reading feeling clearer, confident and a step closer to your personal enlightenment.

  • VANESSAK1204 11/30/2023
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  • PEACEPINE 06/22/2023
  • Chase gave an excellent reading with heart and truth and really had a focus on the client! Much appreciated.
  • TINAM 06/07/2023
  • Thank you chase will call you soon about how Im going to approach this person.
  • NAHIDS0625 05/18/2023
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  • SHARONB0830 05/09/2023
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