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  • Experience: 48 yrs.
  • AskNow Since: 2012
  • Total Readings: 15,990
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Languages: English
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  • Money & Finance
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  • 1971- Charter member of the Astrological Society of Hawaii

I am highly attuned psychic, dedicated to solving life's difficulties and elevating the life condition for your prosperity and happiness.

Since 1968, I have astounded more than seven-thousand satisfied clients with accurate predictions, deep insight and effective resolutions.

Network executives, dentists, yoga instructors, celebrity make-up artists and so many others have benefited greatly from my vast experience.

I am dedicated to solving life's difficulties and elevating the life condition, prosperity and happiness of my clients.

I look forward to helping you get a new lease on life.

  • JOSEPH1WEBSPAN 07/14/2020
  • Phone Based Rating
  • MSRASHAWNDA 07/11/2020
  • My first reading and it was awesome psychic lance touch on things without me having to bring it up first! I will definitely call him in the future.. oh and he provided specific dates so I can???t wait to see how it goes.
  • CHIPHAN05 07/10/2020
  • He is very kind and gave me a lot of information I want to know. He is very fast to retrieve the information. Thank you Lance
  • WHERETOGO 07/02/2020
  • thanks Lance! whatever you said is making Sense to me and not too surprising me. but he was talking really fast and told me a lot of my fast life which is not exactly what I care at this point, that took a long time, so I gave him 4 stars. but in the end of Conversation you tell me what???s going to happen in the future,that???s what I care the most.
  • WENDYN 06/08/2020
  • Wonderful reading....looking forward to next time!
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