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  • Experience: 37 yrs.
  • AskNow Since: 2020
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  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
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Born Clairvoyant and Clairaudient and an avid Tarot reader, Faith combines all her gifts and knowledge in her extremely accurate readings.

I have been a professional psychic for 37 years and have helped over 100,000 people worldwide.

When my gift became known, I felt very strange because until then I assumed everybody could see angels and spirits like I did. My grandmother was also a psychic, as is every first-born female in my family for generations.

At age 10 I started remembering many of my past lives and when I was 12 I became fascinated with my Nana's Tarot deck. She then went on to teach me how to read cards as well.

I have been a Reiki master healer for decades now, I was initiated #8 down from Mrs.Takata (those of you that know Reiki understand the significance of this).

I have done thousands of readings both in person and over the phone with very high accuracy.

I am here to help you with all life's questions and decisions.

I want to use my gift to guide you how to live a happier life and fulfill your life's purpose.

Besides seeing future, I can also see past lives and delve into soulmate situations as required.

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  • She is soooo nice and on point. Never a disappointment when I speak with her
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  • very detailed and accurate
  • JLLGARBUTT 06/16/2020
  • She was excellent and easy to talk to. Will be calling back soon.
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