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  • Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Empath, Intuitive Life Coach and Tarot & Oracle Card Reader

Clairvoyant, Empath, Crystal Energy Healer, Guided Meditation, Paranormal Expert. Born with an innate ability to connect with the spirit world

I am a 3rd generation Intuitive Psychic, Tarot Card Reader and Clairvoyant. My great grandmother, my aunt and my father were each very gifted individuals. I have been connecting with spirit and sharing messages with family and friends since I was 15 years old. My god given gift has helped me through a very successful business career for over 30 years. Thankfully, I am ready to fully retire from the corporate life so I may concentrate and use my gift to help others.

Since I am also a Conscious Empath and Life Coach, I will share with you the proper tools for manifesting your most desired outcomes as related to: resolving issues with family and friends, love relationships, career path choices, energy healing and finance. By awakening our own internal gifts and connecting to our Spirit Guides we have the ability to clear and correct all kinds of psychic attack and energy blockages.

If you should have the need to release anxiety and stress, experiencing a difficult loss or you have a need to raise your vibration, I am able to take you through a guided journey of meditation where I am most certain you will connect with spirit. If you have never meditated, no worries. I will teach you. The healing power of crystals and crystal therapy happens to be an important element within my spiritual practice. By using the tools mentioned here, together we will channel energy from the universe to rebalance your body-mind-spirit.

Paranormal events or concerns? My first encounter was at a very early age. I thought these people and images I was seeing and speaking to were real until my sisters told me different. None of them saw or heard these spirits so they were sure I was speaking to pretend friends. I have continued to connect with the paranormal throughout my life. I can help you understand why you are receiving signs and/ or messages from the other side.

If I should have the opportunity to give you a reading, I will always give you an honest and compassionate reading that will not be judgmental no matter what is going on in your life. Sometimes it seems we may be experiencing the darkest challenges in our lives and this is when we may learn of our true strengths and unique talents. My goal and focus will be to concentrate on providing you the opportunity to connect with your highest self and to choose the best life path for you. Don't wait, call me now.

Until we finally meet and for eternity may Spirit Bless you and Protect you.

  • TINA721 09/10/2020
  • Very good, I will call again
  • CHRIS65 07/13/2020
  • very insightful and intuitive
  • PAPIE10 01/24/2020
  • she pick up alot of stuff .. so good . dident stay with in 20 minits went over... at the end she ramble on talking with out lissing to me
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