Tarot Cards and Relationships

Tarot Cards and Relationships

It is known that love and family relations are the most popular reasons for people to come to the Tarot. Usually, but not always, the solutions to relationship concerns come from the Seeker themselves.

Readings related to relationships come chiefly through associations with the Major Arcana. Major Arcana cards correspond with archetypes, with the meaning of the cards relating to several types of people surrounding and influencing the seeker. Identifying the archetypes in a reading can help recognize the chief themes in the seeker's situation.

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Archetypes in the Major Arcana:

0The FoolJuvenile

IThe MagicianTrickster

IIThe High PriestessCelestial Maiden

IIIThe EmpressMother

IVThe EmperorFather

VThe HierophantTeacher

VIThe LoversMatrimony

VIIThe ChariotJourney


IXHermitWise Person

XWheel of FortuneDestiny


XIIThe Hanged ManSacrifice



XVThe DevilEvil

XVIThe TowerPassage

XVIIThe StarGuide

XVIIIThe MoonIntuitive

XIXThe SunSource


XXIThe WorldHome

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These archetypes act as a guide, helping the Tarot reader identify the key forces in a relationship. They can relate not only to the seeker themselves, but also to the others involved in the relationship. When they are revealed in a spread, the Major Arcana cards suggest strong influences at work. They can offer guidance to the foundation of the reading, and clues in resolution of conflicts.

For an effective relationship Tarot reading, the spread can be broken down into several other individual readings. Each of these secondary readings can build upon the primary reading, where the seeker is the focus.

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The Reader can use an existing spread―the Celtic cross is the preferred layout―with several secondary readings as support. Some additional readings can include the position of each card as the base card of each resulting spread.

The next step in an effective relationship reading is to have a conversation with the Seeker. Several questions must be examined, through discussing the situation in question and the meanings/positions of the cards.

  • What does the Seeker see and feel about themselves?
  • Are there changes in the Seeker that need to be made?
  • What point are they in their lives―either physically or emotionally?
  • What are the Seeker's strengths and weaknesses?
  • Any lessons held over from past lives?
  • What is to be learned?
  • What action should be taken to resolve these issues?
  • How does the Seeker feel about relationships in general?
  • What are they looking for from the relationship in question?
  • What purpose does the relationship serve?
  • What does the Seeker offer the other party in the relationship?
  • How can they heal themselves, or the others?

It is through the answers to these questions that we get insight on the Seeker's issues with relationship.

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Through experience, it is known that love and family are the most popular reasons for people to come to the Tarot for assistance. Usually, solutions to relationship concerns come from the Seeker themselves, where the Tarot offers them a fresh pair of psychic "eyes," at which to examine the situation. Just by looking at their relationship in a new light, many issues can be resolved.

Of course, not all problems can be resolved this way. It is in these cases the sensitive Tarot Reader becomes indispensable.

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