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There is a strange energy flowing through the universe today. I hope you can feel it because this power suggests a fantastic chance for you to make changes to your life.

I am happy that this letter made it to you today. I was very worried that you would not receive it in time. When you read what I have seen for you, I am confident that you will ACT IMMEDIATELY. Your future happiness depends on what you do with this information in the next few days. As a spiritual person, I know you will want to do what is best for you.

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Visions during the night have permitted me to help many people. Thousands of individuals have had their troubles lifted by the messages found in dreams. Now, you can be one of them!

In the middle of the night I woke up right after a VIVID DREAM ABOUT YOU. Dreams are one of the strongest means for the spirit world to communicate with us. They offer us warnings and blessings of the future. It takes a particular psychic sensitivity to fully understand dreams and their meanings. I have spent my entire life unlocking the secret language of dreams.

In my dream of you there were definitely SIGNS OF GOOD FORTUNE. You must heed them because they can bring you the answers you seek!

With what was exposed to me by the spirit world last night, I am confident that we can PUT YOUR TROUBLES BEHIND YOU. Revealed to me were some fascinating things that are just about to happen to you. To make the most of this special time, I urge you to begin to make preparations now!

I want to tell you, as a friend, that this dream is not something to fear! It is to be celebrated and also learned from.

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I dreamt of you walking down a gravel country road. The clouds above you were dark and heavy and I could hear thunder in the distance. It was clear that a huge storm was brewing. The sky was beginning to grow dim as the sun became hidden by clouds.

You were alone on the road and the gravel crunched underfoot. The rain was not far off. There was a slight breeze that cut through the humidity. The entire scene was in black and white except for one object. You were carrying an ORANGE PONCHO, which stood out brightly from the drab surroundings.

At the end of the road there was a person standing by himself. I could not quite see his face. You began to walk towards this tall figure. He was wearing a grey trench coat with EIGHT SILVER BUTTONS on the front of it.

Before reaching this mysterious person, you noticed a general store that had a window facing the road. In the window, there were THREE GIFT BOXES which were wrapped in silver paper and tied with elaborate ribbons.

You paused for a minute to look at the window display. Right then a series of massive lightning bolts struck the land, which made you jump and look away from the boxes. There were three powerful bursts of THUNDER in a row. Afterwards, you began to sprint towards the figure with your arms outreached for him.

When you reached him the two of you held hands and immediately the clouds opened up and it began to pour down rain. It was odd that, although it was raining hard, it did not rain directly on the two of you. It was as if some invisible bubble was SHIELDING you.

In the warm afterglow of what I viewed about you, I am still enthused regarding all I have seen! CALL ME at 1-800-2-ASK-NOW and you can experience it also!

When I woke up I made notes of what I had seen.

After taking a few minutes to collect my thoughts, I began to analyze what I had seen in my dream. The key to dream interpretation is to see the picture as a whole. It gives you an overview of what is currently happening in your life as well as what is going to happen in the future.

Holding an orange poncho means safety and familiarity will also be a part of your immediate future. When you touched the man's hand, the rain did not fall on the two of you. That was a good sign! Avoiding rain means that SOMETHING POSITIVE IS PROTECTING YOU from harm.

Thunder in a dream is a worrisome sign. It generally means a change in fortune and difficulties on the horizon. Having the sound of thunder three times in a row is a WAKEUP CALL!

The country store window filled with silver boxes suggests that your upcoming future could be FILLED WITH RICHES. Finding silver in a dream is a signal that money is trying come your way but negative forces, symbolized by the thunder, are preventing you from receiving it.

The three silver boxes and eight silver buttons were clearly symbols too. They are the two numbers that I would pay particularly close attention to in the near future. In addition, numbers that add up to the single digits of 3 or 8 are also worth noting.

What was in my dreams could signify your golden numbers. They are 3-8-17-21-30-71. I am certain that when we look deeper into your soul, we will see exactly how these numbers can improve your life.

Before we speak, I want to ask you for a small favor. Please, take a few moments to reflect on the meaning of these numbers. Perhaps they are lucky lottery numbers? Then, call me with your impressions of them so that I can help you discover how to MAKE THESE NUMBERS WORK FOR YOU.

I advise you to CALL ME at 1-800-2-ASK-NOW TODAY! Personalized communication is the only way to get all of these blessings!

The important thing to remember is that since I got this information last night, you must act on it right away! If there is any chance of ELIMINATING THE NEGATIVE FORCES in your life, you must start today! My team of talented psychics is practiced in this type of divination and any one of us would be happy to help you through this turbulent time.

One thing I have discovered through my many years of experience is that when a dream is this powerful, it is more than just a warning. The spirit world is not only trying to tell us about the GOOD that is going to occur in your life, it is also exposing the best way to AVOID THE BAD.

Call me at 1-800-2-ASK-NOW TODAY! It has never been simpler to LEARN THE TRUTH! It is directly there in front of you, as you will soon see!

What most people do not understand is that the universe truly wants us to be HAPPY. I can help you embrace this goodness!

Whenever the universe gives out signs of bad things to come, a sensitive soul like me will have the tools to RIGHT THE WRONG. I can do this for you!

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