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I understand that you may be surprised to hear from me today!

What I am about to convey to you is so OVERWHELMING that it could not wait. So you see, this message needs to reach you right away.

I believe that individual one-to-one contact is the most effective way to grab your attention! I need to hear from you RIGHT AWAY at 1-800-2-ASK-NOW. We must TALK!

The news I have for you is AMAZING! When you review the details in this note, you will come to see why I needed to reach out to you without delay.

Once I recognized my psychic gift at a very young age, I have constantly remained in touch with universal spirits. They guide my hand and have provided incredible understanding of a world few of us can see, a world of symbols and signs. I have had some amazing experiences, but nothing of this nature was ever revealed to me.

But now, IT HAS!

Personally, I much prefer to share information like this DIRECTLY. That path is available if you contact me at 1-800-2-ASK-NOW.

One thing I have learned from listening to my unseen guides is that, as people drift through their daily routine, MYSTERIOUS SIGNS encircle them. So many times these clues are ignored as meaningless. People miss so much by being insensitive to these POTENT indicators from the cosmos.

As your counselor, I must not allow these signs to pass you by, especially since they are so apparent and so POWERFUL.

Let me explain the circumstances behind this revelation to you.

When I do readings for people I know very well, my mind is especially open to psychic messages. Previously, I had just finished a spiritual reading for a friend when an unusually clear image appeared in my mind. I was so receptive to clairvoyant signs and revelations at this time, as my energy was at its highest state.

The WONDERFUL thing I have to share with you is that, in my vision, I saw AMAZING SYMBOLS about you and a bright future in store for you.

What made this clairvoyant episode so unusual was that it revealed a set of numbers. In the spiritual world, NUMBERS are the most important symbols. These numbers, when they reveal themselves, contain a POWERFUL LIFE-FORCE. Since I am in touch with this psychic energy, I can be sure you receive them!

I feel that you have already reached out to me. You have been in contact with me through your unconscious mind and I have perceived your troubled spirit. When the images were at their brightest, the center of my attention was focused on your soul.

I have not had such an OVERWHELMING experience before! My body was literally pulsating with energy!

You need to UNDERSTAND what this feels like for yourself, and if you call me at 1-800-2-ASK-NOW, you very well might!

In most cases I am in personal touch with someone calling for answers when something so precise presents itself to me, The appearance of numbers while you are the center of my attention tells me that the unseen world has a very SPECIAL MESSAGE for you.

What I know now is that my visions of you have foretold a path to GREAT PERSONAL WEALTH. An occasion just ahead can bring great monetary gain for you. It could take the form of a lottery, or perhaps an unexpected inheritance.

In any event, a great opportunity will present itself to you and maybe as soon as in three days!

These numbers are SPECIAL. I want to reveal these EXCEPTIONAL numbers that have appeared for you.


Right now, you have no idea as to how POWERFUL these numbers can be for you. They can be the key to instantaneous WEALTH and CONTENTMENT.

That is why I feel so STRONGLY that you contact me now at 1-800-2-ASK-NOW. We need to discuss these numbers in detail. We can ACCOMPLISH so much more if you will only listen to my personal guidance.

These numbers hold POWERS just for you. However, I need to give you a WARNING! You must employ each number with the GREATEST OF CARE because the energy of these symbols is constantly flowing and over time the strength of these numbers will change.

When signs as direct as these manifest themselves, a delay of a couple of days could be TOO LATE! At this moment I can sense that the stream of energy for your numbers is at its HIGHEST!

I can only do so much without your feedback and input. With your help I can provide a full picture of what an important part these signs can play in your life. They can be the means to a tremendous fortune. As your trusted friend, that is exactly what I wish for you.

Once you speak with me, or one of my trained advisors, we will be able to provide a complete analysis based on these numbers in order to unlock their full potential. The moment we recognize their REAL MEANING, you could then utilize their influence to bring you ANYTHING you require in life.

It could possibly be MONEY from the lotto. I could be LOVE and the numbers will clearly disclose a SPECIFIC time when the true love you seek will enter your life. These numbers can mean everything for your future bliss.

The important thing is that these signs indicate TREMENDOUS HAPPINESS for you!

Numerology is the ancient technique of divination that has assisted those in need for hundreds of years. I have observed the many methods that numbers can be used to unlock the FORCES of the UNSEEN WORLD and I know how to use the power in order to bring great achievement.

A phone call to 1-800-2-ASK-NOW will make CERTAIN that you can begin to unlock the FULL FORCE of these important symbols in your life! Why not try!

I must caution you again! Numbers are instruments of great power and can be MUCH MORE than they appear. With conventional numerology, SINGLE DIGITS are the secret, so adding combinations of numbers can be additionally fortunate for you.

This is why the numbers 33-12-11-53-44 should also be analyzed by a trained psychic.

Many times the sequence that these numbers fall into will hold great significance. Sometimes the key is in creating special single digits from your numbers.

For example, if your birth date fell on July 2, 1961, you would combine 7+2+1+9+6+1 = 26. Then add 2 + 6 to find your lucky number of 8.

Experience has taught me how the UNSTOPPABLE energy of a message can alter a life in no time. I understand what the presence of a miracle would do for you.

It is ESSENTIAL that you do not turn your back to the omens that the universe is sending you.

I would be honored to walk by your side on this AMAZING TRIP OF SELF-DISCOVERY. Reach out and call me at 1-800-2-ASK-NOW to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

We are so close to a LEAP FORWARD! I urge you not to delay!

Working together, I can easily view DEEPER MEANINGS and we could UNDERSTAND THE RELEVANCE of your numbers. Together, we can quickly uncover their real significance.

I will assist you in using your LUCKY NUMBERS wisely, so that you may maximize the good fortune that is ahead for you.

I urge you to contact me or one of my psychic consultants to open the meaning of these POWERFUL SYMBOLS in your life.

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