See beyond the Veil. Attract Soul Mates. Control your destiny. Claim your dreams.

I am Windraven

Born into a shamanic bloodline, I inherited powerful, preternatural gifts accessing genetic memory stretching back many generations. I spent decades studying under revered elders and shamans uncovering the secrets to fusing my Native American and Celtic ancestral gifts. Now, combining the uncanny insight of spirit rich Medicine Cards, guidance from hereditary totems and natural empathic clairvoyance, my psychic readings grant you full access to the wisdom of the cosmos and the counsel of the ancestors. There is no question is too great or small. The answers await you.

Together We Will Find the Answers

Psychic readings combining my shamanic and intuitive powers provide the secrets to unraveling the mysteries of life and keeping your feet upon your destined path. I can divine the future as it is in place from your choices in the present and using the secrets of my psychic readingsĀ we can shape the outcome to create your greatest happiness. Unlock secrets hidden deep within your lover's heart. Reunite with a lost love. Align yourself with your true soul mate. Heal the wounds of this and previous lifetimes. Drive darkness and embrace the joy of living a thankful, purposeful life.

Everyday my clients share the blessings and miracles the secrets my psychic readings I introduced into their lives. Their joy is my joy, so I thank The Creator to be of service. Let my blessed psychic reading gifts help you awaken the power of your Higher Self and embark on a journey of love, true happiness and lasting satisfaction.

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Thank you so much. .
5 Star Rating
There is something really awesome about Windraven. Ive called him a number of times since my first call so there is still time to wait for predictions to confirm his accuracy, but its always a positive, motivating and inspirational call. His way of reading is really different from other psychics. When the predictions occur, will def write feedback about it. Thanks Windraven.
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Ext. 884265

5 Star Rating

Rate: $13/min.

Years Experience: 35

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Languages: English

Credentials: Celtic shaman with Native American fusion, Studied under Wallace Black Elk, Master Medicine Card reader, Licensed Minister, Prodigy of 1000 year psychic bloodline, Preternatural Empathic gifts


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