I am a third generation psychic, as well as a marital and family counselor.  I can give you all of the information you need to succeed in life!

I am a relationship counselor and spiritual guide with connections to people and pets who have crossed over.  Our sessions will be more than a psychic experience, because I will guide you using my psychic ability, counseling experience, intuition, tarot cards, and/or numerology and astrology in revealing the truth.
There are no quick answers in my readings because I need to pick up on your energy and vibrations and proceed from there in obtaining accurate and honest answers using all of my God given talents. Please keep an open mind and open heart and only come to me if you are serious and isolate yourself in a room without distractions for our sessions. I will reveal hidden personality traits of the person(s) you are inquiring about and what to anticipate from them.  My readings will empower you and rid you of this helpless feeling. 
Is your twin flame entangled; if so I will guide you on how to resolve your issues or remove yourself from this roller coaster ride.  Don't let others deplete your energy level. We may laugh and cry together because sometimes the truth can be overwhelming.  Some things do take time to make sense; nothing is set in stone and as timelines change and shift changes may need to be made.

Remember you are in control of your destiny. I believe in karma and destiny has a way of making things happen and changes the path of ones life.  You must believe in a higher power and allow the light and peace surround you during your reading with me.  If you are at a crossroads in your life, I will guide you with all sincerity. 

I truly believe in the empowerment of women and rights of animals, and support the Rainbow Coalition.

Psychic Ratings

5 Star Rating
Every time I contact her she never ceases to amaze and enlighten me. Wonderful sound advice, right on readings.
5 Star Rating
Excellent advice! Told me a lot . Will definitely recommend.
4 Star Rating
4 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
She was amazing and very accurate. I enjoyed speaking to her because she was like a sweet aunty, very warm and understanding, and very pleasant. I need some money so I can come back and get more clarity from her.
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Ext. 881348

5 Star Rating

Rate: $8.99/min.

Years Experience: 34

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Languages: English

Credentials: M.S. Psychology, Ordained Minister, Metaphysical Studies, 35 Yrs. experience in readings, Studied under Master Psychics in the French Quarter


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