Receive PEACE OF MIND about love, career, health and more when we connect with your higher self. 30 years of guidance toward spiritual insights.

Accuracy is easy to attain.  We have our Guide's omnipresent knowledge concerning: business, romance, family, money, children, job, career, you name it.

I've been a spiritual teacher, healer, medium and psychic for more than 30 years.  I help clients by listening to Guides, also called our higher self & reading the Tarot.

Many doors will open for you and which door to walk through is a big choice.  I can help you feel more confident when determining which door is best for you during this phase of your journey and in the future.

I frequently tune in to souls who have passed over.

We are not dealing with my interpretations of your situations... it is coming straight from our higher self.  Our Guides know what you need to know.  Mostly I'm clair-my-guide :-)

Follow your instincts and give me a call...GET ANSWERS!

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4 Star Rating
I had call customer service a few months ago and ask them if could recommend a good top rated psychic for me they told me JC, since my previous psychics have gone to $13.00 a minute. JC and i spoke today and it is a good reading hoping her predictions come to pass , all she asked me for was my name,dob and straight to the point. I like her reading as i say hope her predictions with my situations and my life comes through. Thanks JC. i will be in touch. just hope you do not move your rate up cause i depend on the club minutes.
5 Star Rating
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5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
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5 Star Rating
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Ext. 888954

5 Star Rating

Rate: $8.99/min.

Years Experience: 27

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Languages: English



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