A gifted psychic healer works with your angels/guides to assist in love and relationships. Ask who is your soul mate and how your angels can help

Very detailed messages that help with:
How to attract your soul mate, companion or lover

Find out who your soul mate is.

Find out the angels that help call your twin flame to you career guidance.

Clear money and abundance blocks and negative energy.

Love healing, clearing and clarity to learn your life lesson.
Learn how your life lesson is blocking you from passing thru the same obstacles over and over.
Tools to keep other peoples negative energy from entering your space, making you confused, emotional and drained.
Clear negative energy
Chakra healing
Family issues
Cut connections with people causing you pain
Connect with deceased loved ones
Life purpose
Who your guides and angels are
Clear negative energy, pain, sadness, regret, past, hurt, blockages
Tools for dealing with harsh energy
Creating happiness, ease, love, joy, harmony in your life

Learn how to manage your energy field and keep out negative energy
from others. Clear past problems that have held you back from being who
you want to be and accomplishing your goals! Let go of unwanted
thoughts/patterns. Accept and receive what you wish to attract.
Understand your life lessons and how you can change your life starting
right now!!!!

Psychic Ratings

5 Star Rating
Phone Based Rating
5 Star Rating
Wow! It was like talking to someone I knew personally. Was amazingly kind and respectful. Gave great advice. Her ability to pick up on things is amazing. Definitely give Capri a call.
5 Star Rating
Hi Capri, waiting for minutes you were sending me. Mine had expired and i really miss talking to you. Thanks so much. M
5 Star Rating
I remember the first call i had with Capri, it was almost a year ago. She was so thorough and fast. I had to even call her back a few hours later because i was so touched by how great a connection she had with me. Described ppl and my feelings right to the T. Her predictions have come really close but a few hiccups have occurred along the way and i often feel crazy for hanging in there so long but she always explains very well. She also feels frustrated herself with delays, its nice to know she is so well connected to us. She is caring, kind and very heartfelt.Thanks Capri, I hope i can write a detailed feedback about your predictions soon, would love to share it with everyone to spread some confidence and faith for those having a hard time :)
5 Star Rating
Thanks, Capri - I hope your insight was correct re S and our upcoming event...
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Ext. 882295

5 Star Rating

Rate: $13/min.

Years Experience: 40

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Languages: English

Credentials: BA Psychology, Spiritual Communication, Spiritual Psychology, Sexual Energy Activation, Medulla~Pineal Activation, Sacred Geometry


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