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I give readings using a combination of Intuition, Astrology and Tarot; upon request I also do Dream Interpretations and numerology.

I strive to do honest and caring readings and give clear and concise answers.

As part of my specialties I also detect what's going on beneath the surface pertaining to the issues of the current questions.

I can pick up detailed personality characteristics of the person and those they are inquiring about.

I look at the strength and weaknesses of the person and by combining tarot, Intuition and astrology I can see where a person has been and interpret the sign posts of what may lie ahead.



I have studied Astrology for 24 years.

Tarot for over 10 years.

Numerology and dream Interpretation, 9 years.

I have been doing Birth Chart Interpretation and Chart Construction for 6 years.


I am and Intuitive/ Sensitive.

I am a self taught student of Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, dream Interpretations, Birth Chart interpretation and Construction, Graphology (Handwriting analysis).

Today, I still continue to study and learn how to develop my psychic abilities.


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5 Star Rating
Phone Based Rating
5 Star Rating
OMG! You did it again! You were exactly right about what was going to happen with my "friend". If this continues, all will be well. Thanks again for a great reading!
4 Star Rating
Dear Amy, Thanks for talking to me but with your advice last night I can see clear as day now that love was never in the cards for me and I'm officially giving up on it forever. I don't want anyone else in my life so I guess I remain alone and lonely for the rest of miserable and depressing life since I lost the first love of my life almost 4 years ago. I guess I'm going to remain an old maid forever. You made that plain and clear last night. I feel very unattractive and just don't feel pretty. Thanks Sincerely, Erica
5 Star Rating
for 8/16...all has been great with Mr. R as we spoke about. and you were 100% accurate in your prediction with Mr. T who has gone quiet as a mouse :)
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