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March 21 - April 19

Monday, November 30, 2015

Despite all the fun stuff that is going on in your life right now, you need to resist the urge to share too much about it with all the people you meet, today! It's best to be humble right now and play it cool. Monopolizing the conversation is not your style anyway, and giving out too many details could cause someone to get overwhelmed and lose interest in hearing more. Why not wait for people to ask you a few questions to learn what they need to know? Don't do all the work for them.

Your Lucky Numbers for today are: 54 34 51 29 31 45

Week of Monday, November 30, 2015 to Sunday, December 06, 2015

Today, your job is to give your creativity some place to go. And get some exercise! The stars say you need to get involved in a new project and let your imagination do its thing. Find something artistic to get busy with -- whether you want to redecorate your bedroom, paint the kitchen, plant a garden or just make someone a birthday card, you'll have tons of fun letting your mind go wild. Take advantage of all the ideas that are starting to blossom inside you.

Your Lucky Numbers for this week are: 51 44 6 4 32 40
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Today's Feelings

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