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New Moon
Lunar Phase:
New Moon

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity, this is it! Now is the time, during the New Moon Phase, to create new beginnings. For the first 48 hours following the exact time of the New Moon each month, a window opens for making wishes that, if visualized and taken action upon, will materialize in the days and months ahead. There is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in the atmosphere and a feeling of rebirth. Move forward powerfully, and initiate projects that you feel instinctively attracted to. Follow your impulses and allow yourself to go outside your comfort zone.

Lunar Sign:

Already a powerful sign, Scorpio is ruled by dominant Mars and Pluto. The influence of Mars creates strong passions and Pluto shows very strong desires. Often, people become aggressive, critical, impatient and moody while the moon is in Scorpio. A feeling of intensity permeates, along with a heightened sensitivity towards personal offenses. Scorpio has a suspicious and secretive nature, so now it is best to avoid social complications. Watch out for jealousy and beware of the Scorpion sting, remembering to forgive and forget. Normally trivial dealings with the opposite sex could be problematic; however, this could be a good time for an intense merging with another on a deep emotional level! The Moon in Scorpio is a very bad time for surgical operations of any kind. Scorpio rules the generative system and the organs of reproduction s well as the lower spine (sacrum) in which the Kundalini energy is coiled.

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